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"I’m truly lucky to say that I get to make a living doing what I love. 

It is a passion and an obsession. "

Hi.. I'm Harish.. Born & brought up in Hassan, Karnataka. I started my career in 2001. I was always fascinated by photography which made me to enter into the photography world.


My journey of becoming a photographer wasn't easy. I struggled hard to find my way in this profession. One of the experiences I take from rather difficult phase of my life is that people are your important resources. Many thanks to those friends who could lend me their cameras, friends who put me in touch with people and also for spreading my success by word of mouth.


My 13 years of experience in this field has made me as one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore. I have the best team who are my great support and strength. Dedication and Commitment towards my job have made me a successful photographer today.


I would like to dedicate this website to all my friends and family members for being such a huge support through my experiences. I couldn't have made it without you all!


My Passion

Being a professional photographer, one of the things that I enjoy a lot is to understand your needs. In the process I love to make portraits that capture aspects of your personalities or lifestyles. Personal photographic requirements of families, couples and newborns, to portrait assignments, I love to shoot them all.

I invite you to come take part in my journey and I’ll help you capture some memories of your own!


Unique Perspective

I believe that wedding photos should be a deeply personalized experience. Because of this the experience will be tailored to your tastes and interests. There are no "packages" available to choose from because of this.

We will discuss ideas that you've had and we'll help to provide inspiration if needed.

What you want is what you get!

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